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Mandy and Chad, the wedding was awesome! Your friends are nuts! I think a good time was had by all! :-) I really enjoyed working with you guys. Thanks...Chris



Mandy and Chad's Wedding Gallery

Mandy and Chad's Engagement Gallery

Mandy and Chad's Pre-Wedding Shoot




We shot Mandy and Chad's Engagement's and Wedding at Acadian Village.  We were able to shoot their engagements right before they had the Noel Acadien Au Village (Festival of Lights). Once they start setting up for this, you can't shoot there any more.

The whole place is FULL of stuff! LOL. It's really pretty.

I had the opportunity to shoot Mandy and Chad's engagement and wedding with videographer Shawn Royston. Shawn owns Acadiana Video Productions. He really turns out some high quality video's!

Acadiana Video Production is located here in Lafayette LA. Looking for a Videographer in Lafayette LA? You can view his website here: Acadiana Video You can call Shawn at 337-981-2922 or email him at: acadianavideo@gmail.com



Call me at 337-849-8435 if you have any questions....Chris



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