Where should I do my shoot?

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Where to do your photography shoot?? This is a very common question for me. Some clients know exactly where they want their shoot done, others kinda have an idea, then others don't have a clue. :-) I can deal with any of these and anywhere in between. I'll photograph almost anywhere, I've shot from land, in the woods, in a boat, from a boat, from the back of a moving truck, from a boom lift, from the top of a building, in backyards, and other locations. (I can't wait for someone to want a skydiving engagement session!! LOL!) Anyway, here are some links to sessions that I've done in the Acadiana area. Hope this helps!


These locations are great for Bridal, Engagement, Family or Senior Sessions and weddings.

Jungle Gardens:

They charge $50.00 to shoot here. (Up to 4 people in your party, $6 extra per person after that.)

We can stay there until sunset. We drive around from location to location.

Hannah's Bridals

Ashley's Bridals

Kia and Elijah Engagement

Lake Martin:

Free. Both park and walk and drive to different locations. Doesn't close.

Jessica and Wesley's Engagements

Cassie and Blake

Amy and Justin's Engagements

Downtown Lafayette:

Free. We can park and walk or drive to different locations.

Brittany and Stan's Engagement

Jamie and Billy's Engagement

Clair and Korey's Engagement

ULL Campus:

Free to shoot there. We can stay until sunset. Park and walk.

Samantha and Blake's Engagement

Courtney and Jesse's Engagement

Dana and Danny's Engagement

Houmas House:

Houmas House charges $160 fee to shoot there,

 plus I charge $100 extra travel fee. We have to be done by 7:00pm. The grounds

are beautiful!!! It has to be scheduled in advance.

Beth and Josh's Engagement Gallery at Houmas House

Esprit De Coeur:

Charge $75.00 for 2 hours. Inside with A/C. Great location for mid summer shoots.

Clair's Bridals

Cookie and Steve's Wedding

Marina's Bridals

Rip Van Winkle Gardens:

They charge $200.00 for 2 hours (unless you are having your wedding there, then it's free). Park and walk.

Can stay until sunset. Peacocks!! :-)

Kelly's Bridals

Nicole's Bridals

Kelly and Greg's Engagements

Acadian Village:

Around $25.00 to shoot here. You must schedule the shoot ahead of time. We park and walk. They close at around 4pm.

Samantha's Bridals

Tierra's Family

Vermillion Ville:

Around $25.00 to shoot here. You must schedule the shoot ahead of time. We park and walk. They close at around 4pm.

Lynn and Kelly at Verm. Ville

Lynn and Kelly's Wedding

Downtown Lake Charles:

I charge extra to travel here, but, locations are free. Park and walk.

Hollie and Drew's Engagement

Grand Coteau:

Free. Park and walk. Can stay till almost sunset.

Andrea's Bridals

Claire's Bridals


The Crossing at Mervine Kahn:

They charge a $100 fee to shoot there. It's indoors and really nice.

The Crossing at Mervine Kahn
113 Louisiana Avenue, Rayne, Louisiana
337.393.2416 Phone | 337.334.3754 Fax


The Grand Opera House of the South:

Brittani's Bridal Session at the Opera House

Karlyn's Bridal Session at the  Opera House in Crowley


505 North Parkerson Avenue
Crowley, LA 70526

337-785-0440 (office)

They charge a $200 fee to shoot there. It's indoors and really nice.


Magnolia Ridge:

Magnolia Ridge Closed to the public on 3/1/13 :-( We can't go there any more. 

Dana's Bridals

Chelsea and Daniel's Engagements

Annie and Jaime's Engagement












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